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24/7 Towing Service Orlando, FL

Orlando towing recoveryWelcome to the home to Orlando Tow Truck.  We see our job as making sure that the people of Orlando get to where they want to go and continue to enjoy the beautiful city without suffering from bumps on the road whether it be from breakdowns, accidents, and the other gremlins and glitches that come with car ownership.  Our number one priority is to get you safely back on your way, and if we can’t get your auto running again right there on the roadside then at least you know that our tow trucks can come get you and your auto safely back to base. You’ll never be stranded if you have our phone number in your pocket.

About us

Orlando Tow Truck is a full towing, recovery, and roadside assistance operation that keeps watch around the clock.  Every day of the year, day and night we are on standby to come to the assistance of our customers whether they’ve been unfortunate enough to have an accident or have simply run out of gas.  We operate a state of the art fleet of tow trucks and train our staff to the highest levels not just of mechanical skill but also in old fashioned customer service because we know that part of our job is making sure a mishap doesn’t have to be a drama.  We’ll get you and your vehicle safely back on the road in the fastest possible time, with the least possible fuss.

Our Services

Orlando Tow Truck is what you’re looking for if you’ve had a problem and need your vehicle towed right now (whenever right now might be). But we do more than that since we are a full roadside assistance provider coming to help our customers with all kinds of problems that might leave them at the curb. These are a few of our commonest call outs but if you have a special request, perhaps looking for a price for a fleet or ensuring that we can safely handle a particular type of vehicle then don’t hesitate to call us.

Orlando Towing service

Towing Service

Does Orlando Tow Truck provide a towing service? Of course we do and our skilled operators will take the care to ensure that your vehicle will be winched out or towed away without any further damage done to it. We can also remove unwanted vehicles from your private property and get your immobile automobile savely back to base, back to the shop for work, or secured awaiting any insurance assessment prior to payout.

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Roadside Assistance

Orlando Tow Truck doesn’t just tow. We are also on hand 24/7 to provide roadside assistance for our customers. From out of gas situations to changing flat tires we will turn up day or night to help you and get you on your way. Locked out of your car? No problem, we can bring spare keys, open the door, or transport you and the vehicle to the dealers. Minor mechanical problems or unexpected warning messages? Let us sort it out for you.

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24 Hour Emergency Towing

We really hope you don’t find yourself involved in an accident but if you do, and should it happen outside of office hours you don’t want to find yourself talking to an ansaphone. We’re on standby 24/7 and our team of tow trucks will come to your aid day or night, no matter when.

"Orlando Tow Truck has our back for all those little things like out of gas, changing tires, and generally just being there if the family car grinds to a halt. Which is good to know as a busy mum.”- Laurie B.

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"Had a nasty little fender bender on the Interstate that left my car unsafe to drive for fear of shredding the tires on the metalwork. Orlando Tow Truck whisked it away for me to the shop of my choice. Friendly, and no fuss.” - Sebastian L.

towing orlando fl

“Orlando Tow Truck turned up to help us within twenty minutes despite it being one in the morning. The driver’s friendly face was a welcome sight at that time of night and helped take the edge off the whole situation.”- Chad B.

Orlando towing recovery

Accident Recovery

Sometimes after an accident your vehicle can’t be driven. Or safety issues mean that it needs to be properly assessed by a mechanic before you take to the wheel again. Or perhaps the vehicle needs to be removed and secured prior to an insurance assessment. Orlando Tow Truck will do that for you.

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Jump Start

It happens when you least expect it. You’re so used to just turning the key in the ignition or pushing the button and having the engine leap into life that when it doesn’t happen you keep trying in disbelief. Getting help and knowing how to jump start can be a problem. One call to Orlando Tow Truck and that problem goes away immediately.

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Tire Change

Do you know where your spare is? Or the jack, or the lug wrench? And have you ever had to sort out a locking nut in your life? Never worry about them all again because one call to Orlando Tow Truck and our experienced operators will come to change your tire and get you back on the road right now.

orlando towing

Orlando Tow Truck is the professional team of day and night tow operators you are looking for near you in Orlando, Florida. We’re fully 24/7 so if you’ve been unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or if breakdown has left you stranded by the roadside then call us right now and we will be with you as fast as possible. But we’re also a year round roadside assistance company to be there for you and your family when you need us, so call us when you don’t have a problem and find out what services we can offer you, and whether your existing auto insurance would cover them already.

Orlando Tow Truck

Orlando, FL