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24 Hour Emergency Towing

Orlando Tow Truck - 24 Hour Emergency Towing 2

If your car or truck is stuck by the roadside going nowhere fast then you need to know that you have a reliable, dependable, and professional towing service on their way to help you right now - no matter what time of day or night ‘now’ happens to be.   Accidents and breakdowns have an annoying habit of happening outside of office hours so when you call up a tow company you need to be sure they are a 24/7 outfit that never sleeps.  No matter when you call Orlando Tow Truck you’ll find a friendly voice on the other end of the phone and a team of pros out on the road coming to solve your problems.

Accident Recovery

If your vehicle has been in an accident and can no longer drive or be safely driven then you need to get it off the road fast. In most situations it isn’t safe for other road users to have an immobilized vehicle in the road or even by the side of the road.  Even when you aren’t legally required to remove the vehicle you would be wise to take that unattended, unsecured vehicle away from the public highway and have it locked up safe and sound ready for the shop to take a look at. Orlando Tow Truck will do that for you.  Plus when there’s been an accident you may find that your insurance company insists that the vehicle be stored in a secured and licensed lot to await the arrival of an assessor who will estimate the damages and award a payout.  Again Orlando Tow Truck will do that for you.

Winch Outs

There are lots of times when vehicles need a winch out.  A car that has left the tarmac and ended up in the rough, or on a gradient is going to need a helping hand to get it safely back on the blacktop and it takes a pro to do that right without risking damaging the vehicle in the process. Trust Orlando Tow Truck to get you back on the road. Our professionals have the horsepower and the horse sense to safely winch vehicles back to the road including disentangling them from barriers and obstacles they may have encountered on their unexpected diversion.

Long Distance Towing

Although Orlando Tow Truck is obviously based in Orlando there are times when your vehicle might find itself some way from home and in need of help.  Call us at Orlando Tow Truck and see what we can do about arranging long distance transport to get your wheels back to base.

Get You Home

The other good thing about having Orlando Tow Truck saved in your cell’s memory is that because we are a tow truck company you know that whatever the problem we are going to be able to get you and your vehicle back home, even if your auto is a non runner now.  Take a note of our number today so you have it when you need it most.