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About Us

Orlando Tow Truck - About

Orlando Tow Truck is on standby to help you and your family day or night in the Orlando, Florida area. Our phones are manned and our road teams are on the road so we can get to you and help you finish your journey or recover your vehicle when things go wrong. Which sure is nice to know when you run out of gas or your auto breaks down on a dark and lonely stretch of road. In order to provide reliable day and night service we maintain and operate a fleet of the latest tow trucks and more importantly still we train our staff to provide not just towing and mechanical services but friendly reassurance at a time when things can all seem just a bit scary. We’re there for you, not just when there’s an accident or your vehicle goes off the road, but for all the more minor problems that may not be a big deal in themselves but can have a huge impact on your trip and therefore you daily life.

We provide roadside assistance to help our customers if they have a flat tire, or run out of gas, or get locked out, or simply can’t start their car. We come to you even if the problem is just an explained dashboard warning light and of course if we can’t fix your vehicle there and then you can always be sure that we can get it, and you, back home again safely.