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Accident Recovery

Orlando Tow Truck - Accident Recovery 2

Bad things happen. We don’t want them to but they do so unless you are a very very lucky person (and we genuinely hope that is the case) then at some time you will have a bit of a bump.  It could be a trivial fender bender or it could be something a bit more serious but if it happens it happens. What you can control, however, is what happens next.  Orlando Tow Truck is your personal emergency service to come and clear up the spills so as to minimize the damage and the distress that can be caused by even a minor accident out there on the road.

Taking Care of You

At the end of the day cars are just metal. Expensive  bits of metal maybe but metal nonetheless. It’s the people that matter.  If you or anyone in your family is in need of medical assistance then you know to call the emergency services. But what about the distress of even a minor fender bender.  And how do you get home now?  When you’re standing by the side of the road you want the peace of mind and reassurance that a friendly professional is on their way to take care of you and get you and your car back to wherever you need to go now.  All the more so if you have family members with you. So take a note of Orlando Tow Truck’s number because it’s good to have someone on your side when things don’t go as planned.

Taking Care of your Car

If you’re safe then the next thing to worry about is your auto. Orlando Tow Truck has the manpower and machinery to recover your car and get it back home or to the shop as necessary. The last thing you want after an accident is to leave your car damaged and unsecured by the roadside - even when that’s a legal option.  So call Orlando Tow Truck and have your vehicle recovered promptly.

Taking Care of Business

An accident with a personal vehicle is bad enough but an accident to your commercial vehicle means that you’re already counting the cost in lost orders and work hours.  So you need to get your wheels back in business as fast as possible. Which is where Orlando Tow Truck comes in.  We know time is money for business vehicles so we will recover yours and get it to where it needs to be to be fixed as fast as we can.

Taking Care of the Paperwork

The other thing that happens with accidents is paperwork and in particular the insurance claims.  Many insurance companies insist on a vehicle being removed to an approved secure location to await inspection before they will assess the damage and agree on a pay out.  Orlando Tow Truck can do that for you.  Having an accident is bad enough, but when you have Orlando Tow Truck on your side at least you can count on the nuisance being minimized so you can get on with your life and your business.