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How to Avoid Common Towing Scams

Sometimes, you might experience a serious accident that renders your car immobile. At such a time, you will need the services of a towing company to help you get back to the road safe and sound. Some may seem to act in good faith, while other companies out there are ready to milk you dry. You need to be well informed to avoid getting scammed. Here is what to do;

Know who is helping you.

Have you ever heard the saying that it is too good to be true? Have you ever been in needs of a certain service and the people responsible in offering such a service to you make it too good for you? In most cases, scammers collaborate with police to ensure that all towing tasks get to their way. Beware of forced recommendations that you might get from police.

Avoid unsolicited services

When you are involved in an accident or a breakdown, you should never accept services from a towing truck that just happens to be available for you at your most convenient time. They may seem like a miracle to rescue you in the hour of need, but if you or the police didn’t call them, you should not accept their services.

Seek services of your insurance company

You should call your insurance company to seek guidance or to come for your rescue when things go bad. If your vehicle can’t be driven, in most cases, it is the responsibility of the police to call a towing company to tow your car. Regardless of that, ensure you contact your insurance agent right during the accident time, as they might advise you or give you a towing service that they associate themselves with. In everything you do, the most important thing is due diligence, to avoid falling for guys who are just after your money.

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