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How to Protect Yourself against Predatory Towing

If you have been used to being on the road for a long time, chances are that you might have been involved in an act that required a towing service. If you have been involved in different towing experiences, you might have got a service that was no so pleasing. Predatory towing is a term that is used to refer to a combination of unethical practices employed by some towing companies with the aim of maximizing their income.

Predatory towing may result in bloated pricing that can have a serious dent on your wallet. To avoid predatory towing, the first thing you need is to contact the towing company directly. Sometimes your car can be towed and you are required to pay what you believe to be unfair and even excessive towing bills.

You can also challenge the towing bill. You can notify the person at the towing company that the towing bill presented to you do not match the reality. Your car might be parked in the spot for less than an hour and you are fined. You might also park your car in a spot which has no parking slot.

When you are illegally presented with illegal fees, you should threaten to take legal actions.

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