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Jump Start

Orlando Tow Truck - Jump Start 2

There is a special devil assigned to flat auto batteries. He likes to wait until you absolutely have to make that trip before choosing that precise moment for your starter engine to make a couple of whiny noises, cough, then go absolutely silent. If he can do it when you’ve got an urgent appointment, or a car full of kids, or you’re on your own in a darkened parking lot in a strange part of town then even better.  Just as long as there’s nobody to help you and your auto is going nowhere.  So get the better of the flat battery devil.  Sign a pact with Orlando Tow Truck instead and when your car won’t start you just call our number and sit back and smile knowing that we are on our way to you with a cheery professional ready to get your motor running.

Where Did I Put Those Leads?

Jump starting is like tire changing. You know it’s not that hard, and you could do it yourself.  You can even vaguely remember doing it once when you were a bit younger.  Only thing is it just doesn’t happen that often so you’ve kind of forgotten how.  You know that you’ve got to connect up to the live on the battery though and that doesn’t seem like a great thing to be doing without guidance.  That’s even if you can actually find those jump leads (they must be here someplace right?).

Asking Strangers for Help

Don’t do it to yourself.  There’s probably traffic going by at 60 miles an hour and you need to get someone to stop, then figure out what you’re doing under the hood? In the middle of traffic?  Here’s a better idea.  Call Orlando Tow Truck and then guess what - the jump leads, the other battery, and someone who knows what they’re doing all arrive at once in one friendly package.

Why is my Battery Flat?

Batteries do not last forever.  Not even close. The standard lifespan for a battery is usually given as about four years - depending on the way you drive and the condition of the charging system.  Which means that even a relatively new car could have a battery that’s on its way out.  The bad thing about batteries is that while they may be kind enough to give you warning before they die the chances are that the first you know about your battery being about to stop working is when it does. Even regular professional car maintenance is unlikely to pick up a battery on its way out.  So a flat battery is less of a ‘what if’ and more of a ‘when’.  Make a note of Orlando Tow Truck’s number and you won’t even have to worry about it.

Other Problems

The other catch with DIY jump starting is that it gets you going for now, but for how long?  When you need to jump start you can’t be sure if it’s just the battery, or the alternator and charging system, or a fault in the electrical system.  Just getting the car going this once won’t solve all of that. Which  is why you’re so much better off calling the pros at Orlando Tow Truck.