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Road Trip Checklist You Must Have

Road trips are one of my favorite ways to get around anywhere I want in the world in a fun way. Taking a road trip is usually so liberating and very classic. With a road trip, you are in total control of your time, destination as well as peace. Going on a road trip may sound very fun and friendly, but not until you have everything in order. You need to have all the handy tools in place to keep your car running in top condition.

Here are some of the most important things you need. 

Spare tire

In your road trip packing list, you need to include a spare tire that is in a good working condition. Additionally, you also need to ensure that you know how to change a tire. Ensure that you also have a jack and tire iron as these will be needed if you have to change a tire.

Emergency Car Kit

You should have an emergency car kit that contains items such as flares, gloves, jumper cables, rope among others. When you to an auto shop, you can find these emergency kits that contain anything you will ever need, should you find yourself in an emergency.


There are several documents you will need to keep in order in order to have a smooth trip. These are items such as license, insurance and car registration. You should also ensure you have the owner’s manual by your side so when something goes amiss, you have a reference point.


Cars need different types of fluids and you must ensure these fluids are all available. You need to have a gallon of water just in case you experience some issues with a leaking radiator. You should also ensure you have coolant in place as it might come handy when your car’s engine needs it. Ensure you also have an empty gas can in place.

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