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Tire Change

Orlando Tow Truck - Tire Change 2

So there are you are motoring happily when you hit a pothole.  After the initial surprise and relief that you didn’t bottom out the auto you realise that something doesn’t feel right about the way the car is driving. Of course you do that classic thing and hope that it is just a bit of noise and change in feel from the road surface but as it gets worse you have the sinking feeling of knowing that you’ve got a flat tire and you’re going to have to fix it.  Or maybe you just scraped the sidewall on a curb when you were parking, only now there’s a noise coming from that side of the car where there wasn’t before and you’re pretty sure that the tire is flat.  Or perhaps you happen to be looking over your auto and you see that the tire isn’t flat but it has got an embolism, a bubble of rubber peeking out through the tire wall.  And you don’t want to trust that to drive on.  So what do you do now?

What’s a Lug Wrench?

If you are happy changing tires, do it all the time, and know just where your jack, lug wrench and spare happen to be then why are you even reading this? Get to work and change that tire.  But if you’re one of the majority of people who have never even checked where the spare is located, let alone where the jack and lug wrench are then what happens next is typically a bit of wasted time as you struggle to find the spare which could be in the trunk, or even underneath the car depending on the model.  Then you have to find the tools, which could be pretty much anywhere.  Then you’re going to stare blankly at the jack while trying to figure out how it works.  You can remember that your pa could change a tire in about three minutes flat (sorry) right? Yeah well he didn’t have to deal with locking wheel nuts.

After all of which you probably wish you had some help right now.


Why wrestle with wrenches when you can sit back and have someone else do it for you?  Especially if it’s dark, or raining, or both.  One call to Orlando Tow Truck and our team will be on their way to you by the roadside, ready to change that tire, locking wheel nuts or no.  We can change any tire on trucks, SUVs, or cars.  Just like that.

Get you Home

The great thing about a tow truck company coming to your help is that if there happens to be a bigger problem than just a tire change you don’t have to worry because Orlando Tow Truck is going to get you and your auto back to base whatever happens.  That’s worth knowing when you get a blow out in a strange neighborhood after dark.

Insurance Cover

Did you know that if you get a flat under normal driving conditions then you are probably covered for the cost of a tire change service by your auto insurance?  Check it out but if that’s the case with your provider then why on earth would you get grease on your hands (and spend the next hour worrying if you tightened the wheel nuts right) when you can have a professional do the job for you and not even have to dig into your pocket for the privilege.  It’s a no-brainer.  Call Orlando Tow Truck now.