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What you need to know about Car Breakdown Cover

A car breakdown cover gives you the chance to get required help with your vehicle when you need it most. It is a policy that gives you roadside assistance together with a trained expert on hand who can fix your car and get it back to the road quickly. One thing with car breakdowns is that they often happen at the most inconvenient times and mostly at the most inconvenient places. When your car fails unexpectedly and you have the right cover, it means at least you are good to get back to the road, because you have some form of protection.

What it covers

A car breakdown covers contains different levels of coverage as per the agreement between the two parties. First, a breakdown covers depends up to you, in that it can be applied to you and to your car. When it involves a personal cover, you get covered in any vehicle that meets the specified policy requirements. You can claim the cover whether you are a driver or passenger. The other one is for vehicle owner, and it is a vehicle based insurance that is applies to a specific car.

Breakdown Cover Types

There are different types of breakdown cover that include the following; Roadside assistance – which covers you in case of a breakdown during a journey. In case your car cannot be fixed by the road, you will be towed to the nearby garage. We also have home recovery, or home start that covers you in case your car breaks down at home. Others include national recovery, onward journey and European recovery.

What about Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is the most basic level of a breakdown cover you will be signed to. When you have this type of cover, it means your car will be fixed at the roadside, or towed to the nearest garage for fixing, in case the remedy could not have happened by the road. This type of policy could prove to be the best deal if you do not drive long distances. It could also be the best if you don’t drive very often. You will also be covered if your car breaks down at home or breaks down within a certain distance as specified by the policy. Now with this information, you are better placed to make a decision on the type of insurance cover you need for your vehicle.

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