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Winter Park Tow Truck

Towing Service Winter Park, FL

Winter Park Towing recovery

towing service winter parkWinter Park Tow Truck has been offering top-notch towing and roadside assistance to the winter park community for the last two decades. We offer full towing services for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. Along with towing service, we offer a full spectrum of roadside assistance. Our roadside assistance includes tire changes, jump-start service, accident recovery, lockout service, fuel delivery, and other emergency services. You never know when you will need automotive help, which is why our towing services and roadside assistance operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer more payment options than ever before. We accept all major credit cards and offer onsite payment solutions. Payments are processed through secure and up to date technologies, which makes paying for our affordable service a breeze. Winter Park Tow Truck has shown a strong commitment to customer service, and we will continue to hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence.

Towing Service

Winter Park towingAt Winter Park Tow Truck, our 5-star towing service is how we first introduced ourselves to the Central Florida community. Our towing service is crafted for light, medium, and heavy-duty towing. Each of our technicians are cross-trained to take care of any vehicle. Our tow truck fleet consists of a diverse selection of towing vehicles, each with the right amount of specialty and versatility to complete any job. All drivers are SMITH system certified and retrained bi-annually to reinforce the 5 keys of driving, in an effort to maintain our sterling safety rating.

Light-Duty Towing

towing service winter park flLight-duty towing is not only for economy vehicles and small compacts. We also handle luxurious lightweight sports cars. Our tow truck drivers train at high-end dealerships, such as Ferrari and BMW, to learn the correct towing techniques for delicate vehicles. Our light-duty towing uses a minimum 4-point tie-down configuration, which keeps your vehicle secure throughout the towing process. For the economical or the extravagant, our light-duty towing gets the job done.


Medium-Duty Towing

Medium-duty towing is for the ever-popular small sport utility vehicles and full-size sedans. When towing these medium-weight vehicles our drivers use a 6 point tie-down technique. We use only the highest-quality straps and wheel chains for increased security during transport. Keeping up our unblemished safety record shows the commitment we have to our customers.

Heavy-Duty Towing

tow truck winter parkHeavy-Duty towing is our towing option specifically created for the myriad of truck owners in the Winter Park area. Pickup trucks in central Florida are not just for style points, our residents put them to use. Often times truck owners use their vehicles specifically for work; when a truck needs to be towed, time is money. Winter Park Tow Truck is committed to our timely and affordable heavy-duty towing. We use 8-points of contact to secure your truck to the tow vehicle, heavy-duty wheel chains, and commercial-grade hydraulic winches. Our flatbed tow trucks are also equipped with oversized steel trays, which are designed to fit the widest vehicles. One call the Winter Park Tow Truck will get your heavy-duty vehicle back on the highways, or job site.

Wrecker Towing Service

Winter Park Tow Truck also offers wrecker towing service. Our wrecker team is a group of highly experienced drivers with incredible problem-solving skills. If you are an owner-operator encountering any issue, we have the drivers and the equipment to fix the scenario. Our wreckers can tow double and single axle tractors, along with 53 ft trailers of all types. Regardless of the rig, our top-notch wrecker team will get you trucking down the interstate in no time.

Roadside Assistance

Winter Park Tow Truck offers comprehensive roadside assistance. You are only one phone call away from solving any automotive problems. Our dispatchers are on call at all times and ready to serve the community, the middle of the night or during rush hour, Winter Park Tow Truck is here to help. We offer roadside assistance that covers a wide range of issues and continues to grow in scope and proficiency.


Tire Changing Service

The most common issue that plagues our vehicles is a flat tire. A flat tire can leave you stranded on the side of I-10 (the most dangerous highway in America) as other motorists whizz by. The side of the road is a dangerous place and the sooner you have a fresh tire, the sooner you are back to safety. Winter Park Tow Truck offers full tire changing services, once we arrive you don’t need to lift a finger. We have a professional team trained in American Automobile Association approved techniques for proper tire changes. With great precision and care, we will get the new tire on in no time.

Jump Start Service

Extreme temperatures are the kryptonite to our car’s battery. Which eventually can lead to a dead battery in the heat of the Florida summer. Winter Park Tow Truck offers quick jump-starts and battery charging services. We have heavy-duty jumper cables to transfer enough power for single and dual battery setups, along with heavy-duty jump boxes for hard to reach battery terminals. No matter the configuration, we can get your vehicle up and running.

Gas Delivery Service

It may happen only a few times in life, but for those few times when you run out of fuel, Winter Park Tow Truck has the solution. Part of our roadside assistance is fuel delivery service. We stock all types of fuel; gasoline, diesel, and other mixed fuel for construction vehicles. From the family van to the job site bobcat, Winter Park Tow Truck has the fuel for you.

Lockout Service

A small mistake like locking the keys in the car used to mean a long wait for a local locksmith. Winter Park Tow Truck is here to change that, we offer speedy lockout service to retrieve your keys. We have a variety of industry-standard tools designed to unlock the door without leaving any blemishes on the trim.

Accident Recovery

Accidents are a reality for all drivers. After an accident, anxiety and stress can be all-encompassing. When it comes to accident recovery there is no need to worry, place a call to Winter Park Tow Truck, we will be there in moments to transport you and your vehicle to the necessary locations.

Winter Park Tow Truck

Winter Park, FL

Winter Park tow truck