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Roadside Assistance

Orlando Tow Truck - Roadside Assistance 2

When something goes wrong on a road trip you do not want to find yourself stranded by the roadside unsure of what to do next. Instead you want to know that the friendly mechanics of Orlando Tow Truck are speeding towards you with the knowledge and tools to get you on your way again. Roadside assistance from Orlando Tow Truck can mean the difference between a minor mechanical problem ruining an entire trip or ending up as no more than a hiccup and a funny story to tell when you’ve reached your destination.


Does your insurance policy cover roadside assistance?  You may well find that it does for a number of commonplace problems. If it doesn’t then you will probably find that it is much cheaper to pay the extra to your existing auto insurer and know that you are covered. Talk to your broker about what kind of roadside assistance you are already covered for and you may find that having Orlando Tow Truck come to the rescue costs you nothing. Think about how old your car is too.  If it’s new then you are less likely to need help (although you could still suffer out of gas or lock outs) but if your vehicle is a little older then roadside assistance coverage could be one of the best things you’ve done for yourself in some time.

Out of Gas

Shouldn’t happen but it does. All the time. Perhaps you didn’t pay attention to the gas gauge, or maybe you were counting on making to that gas station only to find it was shut. Or you’re on a freeway with an unexpectedly long gap between gas stations. You play the gas gauge roulette and you lose.  Now you have two choices.  The long lonely walk with the jerry can, or reach for your phone.  Orlando Tow Truck has trucks and teams on the road 24 hours a day with gas for your auto.  That’s all it takes. That’s worth it for the convenience alone, even before you start thinking about running out of gas at night, or in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or with the kids in the back of the car.

Lock Out

Modern technology means it’s getting harder to get locked out but it still happens and when it does you don’t want to be standing there staring through the window at your keys in the ignition.  Orlando Tow Truck can bring a replacement key, or open a lot of older auto doors, and if we can’t actually open it there and then you know we can tow you and your car back to the dealer and have them open it for you.

Minor Mechanical

Fan belts, unexpected warning lights, electrical faults: all of these things happen but you don’t have to worry about them if you’ve got Orlando Tow Truck on the way to help. Remember we’re  a full tow service so if we can’t get your vehicle going again we can certainly get it, and you, back to where you want to be.