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Towing Service

Car being towed on a flatbed truck

Orlando Tow Truck is a professional, licensed towing operator that works with private individuals and the Florida officials.  We work to try and keep our customers on the road and we are there for you in an emergency - we offer day and night emergency service every day of the year.  In addition we aim to keep our customers going with roadside assistance services and while you’re probably reading this because you have a problem we really encourage all our potential customers to get in touch with us before problems arise to find out what services we can offer them and why they should call Orlando Tow Truck if glitches and gremlins do come calling.

Reliable Equipment

There’s not a lot of point in a vehicle coming to your assistance if that vehicle itself is struggling.  We operate a modern fleet of well maintained vehicles which is how we can reliably provide service 24/7, whatever the weather, all year round. Not sure if our tow trucks have the recovery equipment and horsepower to handle your vehicle or your fleet? Then call us know and ask us.  We know what we’re talking about and if you think your vehicle requires special equipment or attention then we want to hear from you.

Accredited Operators

The hardware is only part of the picture when it comes to choosing the right towing service for you. Anyone can buy a tow truck, but our operators are also roadside assistance specialists with the mechanical knowledge and helpful attitude that includes. Not only do we know what we’re doing when we arrive on the scene of breakdowns and accidents but we also understand that our presence and our manner can go a long way towards making a bad situation bearable and getting everybody’s day back on the rails. From the phone operator to the roadside mechanic we make sure we can count on every member of our team so that you can too when it counts.

24/7 Operation and Emergency Service

We can’t stress the importance of this enough.  Not only do accidents and breakdowns have an unpleasant habit of happening outside of office hours but we also think that the ability and willingness of a tow truck company to operate 24/7 tells you a lot about them.  We’re not opportunistic part timers looking for a quick buck; we’re dedicated professionals ready to come to our clients’ assistance whatever the time of day or night.

Vehicle Removal

Sometimes it’s not your own vehicle that’s the problem. Sometimes there’s another vehicle in your lot, or on your property, or simply blocking access and you need a licensed tow operator to advise you about whether you can safely and legally move that vehicle and to do the job if you can. Orlando Tow Truck is your go-to team for those situations. We can tell you whether it is legal to move an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle and if appropriate we can do the job for you without causing any damage to the other car.